Ordrupgaard. A Danish Manor Home (catalogue)

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Ordrupgaard. A Danish Manor Home

Ordrupgaard, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen close to forests and beaches, is a popular destination for excursions. This is not least due to its Unique collection of French Impressionist art, which has made the collection internationally famous, and its varying special exhibitions. To this may be added the beauty of the natural surroundings and the combination of the original complex with the villa of the architect Finn Juhl, built in 1942. The extension for special exhibitions, designed in 2005 by the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, adds to a new artistic dimension to the museum.

But there is another aspect of Ordrupgaard that deserves attention, and which may contribute to the history, namely the home that the couple Wilhelm and Henry Hansen created at Ordrupgaard in the years 1916-18. The country house created by the well-to-do is preserved down to the smallest detail which is quite unique in a Danish context. The interiors of Danish palaces and manor houses have been documented in books and photographs for a long time. The same applies to the homes of farmers and artisans. But of the social segment to which the family at Ordrupgaard belonged, only a few livingrooms have been preserved here and there, and none from the early 20th Century to the extent that has been done here. The home is preserved in its entirety thus giving a unique insight into the Danish building culture and the prevailing ideals at the time.


Author: Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen.
With contributions from Carsten Thau and Annemarie Lund

Publication year: 2018.

Published by: Ordrupgaard

Language English.

Number of pages: 207.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 cm.

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