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Open-Air Art
In the park, you can explore art by an array of high-profile contemporary artists, their site-specific works reflecting the parkland setting. These works of art have arisen out of musings on basic elements of nature, such as light, reflections or water, all of which relate directly to the heart of Ordrupgaard itself: French Impressionism. Several of the works invite active interaction and play. For example, you are welcome to climb, jump and hide in the works. An exhilarating change from the traditional museum experience, where art is only there to be seen but not touched. Selected artworks are closed during the winter.
Tomas Saraceno Omega Centauri 3.9

Tomas Saraceno

Omega Centauri 3.9
Kunstpark Ordrupgaard 2014 CarstenHöller, GiantTripleMushrrom.

Carsten Höller

Giant Triple Mushroom
Henry Krokatsis, Confiteor, 2015. Foto Anders Sune Berg

Henry Krokatsis

Randi og Katrine, Pinecone

Randi and Katrine

Pinecone Pavilion
Simon Starling, Brigde, 2015. Foto Anders Sune Berg

Simon Starling

Eva Sørensen


Klara Kristalova, ”After The Deluge”, 2015. Installation med 15 keramiske figurer. Træ, glaseret porcelæn og stentøj. Måler 218 x 343 x 144 cm Erhvervet 2020 af Ordrupgaard, finansieret af Det Obelske Familiefond og 15. juni Fonden. Ordrupgaards kunstpark

Klara Kristalova

After The Deluge
Olafur Eliasson, Vær i vejret, 2016. Foto Anders Sune Berg

Olafur Eliasson

Weather the Weather
Ordrupgaard. Art in he Park. Doug and Mike Starn. Geometry of Innocence.


Geometry of Innocence
jeppe hein ny

Jeppe Hein

1 Dimensional Mirror Mobile og Semi Circular Mirror Labyrinth II Water Pavilion Ordrupgaard
Mitsumasa Fujitsuka, Tree Tea House, 2019.Ordupgaard Kunst Park. Foto Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

Terunobu Fujimori

Tea Tree House