American artist duo Doug and Mike Starn, who happen to be identical twins, work with a range of media that include photography, graphic art, sculpture and installations. The latter in particular has won them worldwide fame. With the Big Bambú series, which blends architecture and installation art, they strike a precarious balance between chaos and order. The Starn brothers themselves describe Big Bambú as a ‘physical manifestation of human imagination and creativity’.

Geometry of Innocence, 2018

Bamboo rods, rope

Geometry of Innocence is one of only two public and permanent works in the Big Bambú series worlwide. Composed of more than 2,000 bamboo rods, 42 kilometres of climbing ropes and 11,500 knots, the work gives the viewer an opportunity to move high above the Park’s terrain along surprising paths, where your expectations towards the route are continually being revised.