The Finn Juhl House

The furniture designer and architect Finn Juhl designed and decorated his house at 15 Kratvænget in Ordrup at the age of thirty. Completed in 1942, Finn Juhl’s house is now considered one of the most successful functionalist single-family houses in Denmark. Very few houses by Finn Juhl exist today: while he was a trained architect, he mainly achieved fame as a furniture designer. Finn Juhl’s sculptural furniture designs are represented throughout the house. Here you will find the Chieftain Chair, the Poet Sofa and the Silver Table to name just a few. But the furniture does not stand alone. Art occupies an equally prominent place: works by leading Danish artists of the time such as Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Asger Jorn, Erik Thommesen and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba were carefully selected by Finn Juhl. In keeping with Finn Juhl’s vision, the house constitutes a modernist Gesamtkunstwerk where architecture, design and art come together in a harmonious totality.

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