James Ensor (catalogue)

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James Ensor

A richly illustrated catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition: James Ensor. From the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and Swiss Collections. The exhibition was organized in a collaboration between Ordrupgaard and Kunstmuseum Basel and was held at Ordrupgaard from September 6, 2013 – January 19, 2014.

The catalogue is about the Belgian artist James Ensor (1860-1949) and reflects the exhibition’s focus on his versatile work. Besides the generally well-known parts of his work, for example his satirical mask paintings, other aspects are also unfolded such as Ensor’s contribution to the Japonist wave in Europe. The catalogue contains representations of both paintings and paper works by the artist.

Authors: Museum Director Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark, Bernhard Mendes Bürgi, Herwig Todts, Nina Zimmer.

Year of publication: 2013.

Published by: Ordrupgaard and Kunstmuseum Basel / Hatje Cantz Verlag.

Language: English. (Also available in Danish).

Number of pages: 130.

Dimensions: 21,5 x 32,5 cm.