The Park


The Ordrupgaard park was laid out by the City Gardener Valdemar Fabricius Hansen (1866-1953) in connection with the erection of the present buildings in the period 1916-1918. Originally the park functioned as both kitchen and pleasure garden. The large greenhouse and the many fruit trees supplied the Hansen family with fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, while the remainder of the grounds was laid out for landscape appreciation and contemplation.


Where today there is a meadow farthest back in the park, there was once a small lake with a little island in the middle. To the lake belonged a rowing-boat, and there was a view of the area from the gingerbread house. Small ponds had also been laid out around the grounds – these water areas have now been filled in.




The former lake in the Ordrupgaard park – today the meadow. In the foreground we see from the left: The Swedish Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, Princess Ingeborg, Prince Gustav and Henny Hansen, 1922.

Wilhelm Hansen