The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2010


Visit “Whiteout” with the top names in Danish furniture design at Ordrupgaard from 29 October through 23 January 2011, after which time the exhibition travels to Tokyo.


White is the new black in the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2010, where the theme “Whiteout” refers both to the colour white and to the weather phenomenon, where snow, fog or haze reduces visibility. But the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition promises a clear outlook and 38 white chairs measuring 80 x 80 x 120 cm. Again this year, the association’s members and the guest exhibitors have unfolded their playful side and developed 38 innovative prototypes condensed from a sea of snow-white concepts, technical challenges and painstaking detailing.


29 October 2010 - 23 January 2011

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