Suste Bonnén. Images of Maternity


Danish artist and photographer Suste Bonnén (born 1948) continues her work with the photo series Images of Maternity by quite literally returning to the point of departure of the series. During a month long stay at the Maternity Ward at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Suste Bonnén photographed the very first minute of life. “The newborn baby’s first cry, in which life itself seems concentrated, is beautiful and ugly at the same time and fascinates both visually and symbolically”, says Suste Bonnén.


Suste Bonnén’s recent work in the series Images of Maternity is shown in relation to Ordrupgaard’s special exhibition Mary Cassatt. French-American Impressionist on Paper.


Suste Bonnén’s bronze sculpture Bebudelsen (The Annunciation) can also be seen at Ordrupgaard during the exhibition. The artwork from 1992 represents a very early example of multimedia art, which has since come to play an important role in contemporary art. Thus the female sculpture carries a screen on which a pregnancy ultrasound photo is visible while at the same time the sound of the heartbeat of the unborn baby can be heard. By virtue of its title, Bebudelsen (The Annunciation) creates a connection between the biblical miracle and the miracle that takes place every day around the world.


08 February 2013 - 09 June 2013

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