Pierre Soulages is one of the greatest artists of our time, and, starting from the non-figurative painting of the post-war period, he is today one of the leading exponents of the entire great tradition of Western art. With his idiosyncratic mixture of archaic energy and the most refined subtleness, his work embodies the entire history of European art. His work leaves no one untouched.


It is particularly interesting to view Soulages in relation to the Ordrupgaard collection of Impressionist art. Nobody with an interest in 19th century French art can avoid viewing his works as an extension to the ultimate challenge of this period; to capture the light. Like his great predecessors, Gauguin, Manet, Courbet, etc., Soulages is mesmerised with light – the light which appears before his eyes when he works with the physical matter; the light that modulates during his work with the varying structures of the painted canvas.


07 December 2005 - 12 February 2006

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