Per Kirkeby and Greenland. The Secret Reservoir


Greenland and the Northern Arctic regions have had the attention of artist Per Kirkeby for more than 50 years. Ordrupgaard’s current special exhibition Per Kirkeby and Greenland. The Secret Reservoir demonstrates how Kirkeby’s characteristic lines and world of motifs take form in the encounter with the Greenlandic countryside. “Greenland is the key to Kirkeby’ internationally-acclaimed art. Greenland is a recurring dream and figure in his oeuvre,” states Kirkeby expert Erik Steffensen about the geology-trained artist. The exhibition beautifully links the recordings of the young geologist with the art of the mature painter.


Through a wide range of material consisting of sketches, etchings, watercolours, paintings and sculptures – and with geology and its field expeditions as its underlying themes – the exhibition shows how the artist Per Kirkeby has spent his short glimpse on earth to integrate the beauty that he has sensed and observed through his artistic process.


The exhibition Per Kirkeby and Greenland. The Secret Reservoir is curated by the Kirkeby expert Erik Steffensen in collaboration with Ordrupgaard, and is part of the museum’s series of exhibitions focusing on contemporary art.


24 february 2012 - 02 September 2012

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