Ordrupgaard as a Museum


When the Hansens moved into Ordrupgaard in 1918 they opened the French Gallery to the public once a week, and during the summer twice a week. One of Wilhelm Hansen’s visionary goals was to bring knowledge of French art to the Danes.


In connection to the crash of the Landmandsbanken and the sale of parts of the French collection, Wilhelm and Henny Hansen chose to have the collection open for viewing only by appointment and with one fixed, weekly opening in some periods. When Henny Hansen died in 1951 it turned out that she, in line with the couple’s original, generous concept, had bequeathed the collection, the manor and the park to the Danish state on the condition that it was made available to the public.


In 1953 Ordrupgaard opened as national museum.


In the photo Wilhelm Hansen is seen at the inauguration of Jean Gauguin’s fountain Merman and Mermaid on his 60th birthday in 1928.

Wilhelm Hansen