Mary Cassatt. French-American Impressionist on Paper


Mary Cassatt is to the Americans what Anna Ancher is to the Danes – a national icon. Known as the greatest female artist of the US and part of the inner circle of what is probably the most famous artistic grouping in world art, Impressionism.


Mary Cassatt’s greatest contribution to the Impressionist group was her graphic work. Ordrupgaard is therefore showing a great selection of her very best graphic work from her initial attempts in collaboration with Edgar Degas to the later works of her favourite motif, mother and child. The exhibition also contains several of Cassatt’s pastel pictures, which clearly shows Cassatt’s ability to quickly capture the restless movements of a child in a piece of paper without the usual sentimentality so characteristic of children motifs.


The art of painting is predominant in Cassatt’s work, both in scope and significance. But her most personal and original effort is centred on her graphic work, which constitutes one of the most important contributions to the ground-breaking development of this art, which took shape with Impressionism. It was in her struggle with copperplates, acid and etching tools that she was to burst all boundaries and pave the way for a modern perception of the scope of the visual arts. It is this renewing aspect of Cassatt’s work which is the subject of Ordrupgaard’s exhibition, which is also the very first about the artist in Denmark.


The exhibition Mary Cassatt. French-American Impressionist on Paper is part of Ordrupgaard’s exhibition profile concerning Impressionism and also part of the museum’s series of exhibitions on female artists with previous exhibitions on Finnish Helene Schjerfbeck and French Berthe Morisot.


The exhibition is supported by: Augustinus Fonden, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Knud Højgaards Fond, Krista og Viggo Petersens Fond & Oticon Fonden and Toyota-Fonden.


08 February 2013 - 25 August 2013

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