Art Park Ordrupgaard 2017


Art Park Ordrupgaard has a new artwork by the Danish artist duo Randi and Katrine.

In Art Park Ordrupgaard you can experience artworks by contemporary art superstars – created specifically for Ordrupgaard and with the surrounding nature and Ordrupgaard’s French impressionist collection in mind. In 2017 the park will open with a new artwork  created by the artist duo Randi and Katrine.

Pinecone Cone Pavilion

The Danish artist duo Randi and Katrine’s addition to Art Park Ordrupgaard is a four meters tall pinecone called Pinecone Pavilion – created especially for the park. Pinecone Pavilion will be placed in a small clearing, behind trees and brushwood, as a hidden surprise, that reveals itself to the visitor. The pavilion will be surrounded by pine trees and small fallen pinecones. On the outside the pavilion will be decorated in a natural color palette, but the interior will be quite different.

Historically, the pinecone as a motif has been used as a decorative element in architecture and been a symbol of enlightenment and knowledge. Simultaneously, the pinecone has been an inexpensive, everyman’s possession – a small, yet fascinating object that children pick up and put in their pockets.

The large pinecone is connected to an old tradition of gazebos and pavilions, such as Ordrupgaard’s own little gazebo referred to as The Pancake House in everyday speech. The pinecone will also become a decorative element as part of Ordrupgaard’s distinctive manor from 1916, where the pinecone motif figures throughout the furniture and stucco ornamentation.

Randi and Katrine

The artist duo has long been interested in the structure, patterns and configurations of cones. Its shape is recognizable in different types of architecture from traditional huts in Sudan, Burkina Faso and Etheopia to more modern buildings such as Bruno Taut’s glass pavilion in Köln (1914) or Norman Forster’s cone-shaped ‘Gherkin’ in London (2003).

Watch the video about Pinecone Pavilion

The artwork is supported by 15. Juni Fonden.

Produced at Danish Art Workshops.


juni 15, 2017

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