Art Park Ordrupgaard 2015


For the third year in a row, Ordrupgaard is presenting international artists and contemporary art in the open air. Art Park Ordrupgaard 2015 opened on 11 June with works by Simon Starling, Henry Krokatsis and Klara Kristalova.

The French painting collection and Ordrupgaard’s beautiful natural surroundings have provided the inspiration for the artists who are contributing to Art Park Ordrupgaard 2015. When the park opens on 11 June, guests can look forward to seeing, amongst other things, a theatre populated by strange beings, a disturbing pavilion and a more than four-metre wide portal to the spirit world, created especially for Art Park Ordrupgaard 2015.

Portal to the spirit world
Simon Starling caused a stir in 2005 when he converted an old shed into a boat, which he then sailed down the Rhine and rebuilt to a shed again in the gallery space – a work that brought him the prestigious Turner Prize. For Art Park Ordrupgaard, he has collaborated with Japanese theatre painters to create a large painting that mimics the backdrop of the Japanese Noh theatre, in which the motif is a pine tree and is the gateway to the spirit world. Besides Noh Theatre, Starling has been inspired by the Japanese tree species found in the museum park, as well as the Impressionist works in the collection.

In this video Simon Starling talks about his artwork, Bridge, 2015.

Forest theatre
Klara Kristalova is known for her expressive ceramic figurines, inspired by mythology, fairy tales and animal fables – figures that seem simultaneously innocent and scary, reviving childhood fantasies and nightmares. Inspired by the flora and fauna in Ordrupgaard park and by Paul Gauguin’s paintings on the museum walls, Kristalova has created a theatre populated by strange beings and figures.

In this video Klara Kristalova talks about her artwork, After the Deluge, 2015.

Confessional or interrogation room?
Henry Krokatsis likes to recycle discarded objects in his works. Old mirrors, stained glass and antique glass are among the items that find their way into his art. For Ordrupgaard, he has built a pavilion. Or is it a tool shed? Or a confessional, or an interrogation room? You can look out of it – but not in. Krokatsis combines many different expressions, which makes their function hard to decipher, and causes the work to stand in disturbing contrast to the harmonious and luxurious villa of the museum.

In this video Henry Krokatsis talks bout his artwork, Confiteor, 2015.


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Simon Starling

The Bridge, 2015

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Watch the video about The Brigde

Klara Kristalova

After the Deluge, 2015

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Watch the video about After the deluge

This work of art is no longer part af Art Park Ordrupgaard

Henry Krokatis

Confiteor, 2015

Henry Krokatsis_Confiteor 2015_090615 009

Watch the video about Confiteor

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June 11, 2015

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