Art Playground 2018


Art Playground Ordrupgaard was inaugurated in 2016, in the museum’s green park. The first artwork on the Art Playground was Olafur Eliasson’s Vær i vejret (Weather the weather), which envelopes the park in mist every time the wind changes direction. This year Ordrupgaard invites everyone to the treetops in two new, spectacular works of art especially created for the Art Playground. The artists behind the works are the American artist duo Doug & Mike Starn and the Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori.

Art is engaging, it is something that physically invites you in – yes, even something you can climb on! At least at Ordrupgaard it is. On the museum’s Art Playground, which is supported by Nordea-fonden, children and adults can explore a range of artworks that are not only compelling to the eye, but also challenge the senses. In 2018, two new artworks will be inaugurated on the Art Playground: Doug and Mike Starn’s monumental bamboo maze Geometry of Innocence from their Big Bambú series, and Terunobu Fujimori’s new interpretation of the traditional Japanese tea house Tea Tree House.

Scandinavian Premier of Big Bambú                                   

The acclaimed American artists Doug and Mike Starn are most recently known for their immersive Big Bambú sculptures experienced worldwide by over 2 million visitors. The 6-month installation of Big Bambú on the roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2010 was the 9th most visited exhibition in the museum’s history. Each piece, unique in shape, responds physically and culturally to the site where the artists and their team of rock-climbers are invited to dwell during the weeks of construction.  All structures, built from “random chaos” with thousands of bamboo poles lashed together with miles of rope, reveal the invisible architecture of life weaving into a habitable sculpture. The Starns themselves describe Big Bambú as a “physical manifestation of human imagination and creativity”. Art Playground Ordrupgaard is proud to offer its audience the site-specific Geometry of Innocence, spreading over 100 m2. Winding footpaths reaching 15 metres at the highest point, create an artery through the bamboo environment, allowing visitors to experience being aloft in the work and hang out in the social spaces. The work will be installed this spring by the artists themselves and a team of rock-climbers, and will be a permanent installation on Art Playground Ordrupgaard.

A tea house in the tree-tops

All children dream of a beautiful little treehouse in the tree tops, beyond the reach of adults. The Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori is renowned for his new interpretations of the traditional Japanese tea house, made of natural materials and balanced on posts up to six metres high. It takes courage to visit Fujimori’s tea houses, and the children and adults who take up the challenge have to climb flimsy ladders leading up to the house entrance. In the minimalist interior of the tea house you can relax, dream yourself away and perhaps even enjoy a cup of traditional Japanese tea during one of the tea ceremonies that will be held in the house. Like Geometry of InnocenceTea Tree House on the Art Playground is Terunobu Fujimori’s first work in Denmark.

In keeping with tradition, the two new works in Art Playground Ordrupgaard will be inaugurated with a big garden party in Ordrupgaard’s park in the spring of 2018.

Attention! After the opening of the Geometry of Innocence and Tea Tree House May 31 2018 there will be special opening hours as well as certain access conditions and rules for the art works.

Read more about opening hours, access conditions and rules here

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