James Ensor


The oppositions are piling up in the work of Belgian artist James Ensor. He is both a keen observer of nature and a raving master of the fantastical. His works in which light and death are walking hand in hand are at once self-obsessed and self-ironic, and Ensor himself is both suffering redeemer and anarchist.


From 6 September Ordrupgaard will present the first monographic exhibition in Denmark on this distinctive loner and pioneer of modernism – James Ensor. Master of the Mask.
The grotesque masquerade coming to life in Ensor’s paintings and his often crude renderings of human deception and vice in dark, humorous depictions were for a long time met with indignation and disgust, and only late in his life did he receive official recognition.


This exhibition zooms in on James Ensor, an artist whose relevance has resisted the passing of time and whose influence on later generations of international artists from modernism up until the present day has been immense.


The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (www.kmska.be)



The exhibition is supported by:
Knud Højgaards Fond
Danske Banks Fond
TAPET-CAFE / Farrow and Ball (www.tapet-cafe.dk)


06 September 2013 - 19 January 2014

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