Emil Nolde and Denmark


At the beginning of 2010, Ordrupgaard presents the world famous German-Danish expressionist Emil Nolde (1867-1956) and his colourful flower gardens, glowing landscapes and peculiar fantasy creatures. Through the years, many exhibitions about him have been organized internationally as well as in Denmark; however, it is the first time an exhibition is made focusing on Emil Nolde and Denmark.


The exhibition will show the different facets of Nolde’s relation to Denmark – his childhood as a farmer’s son at the German-Danish border district, his frequent stays in Denmark and his marriage to the Danish woman Ada Vilstrup. But first and foremost, the exhibition presents works somehow connected to Danish aspects.


The starting point of the exhibition is Nolde’s stay in Copenhagen in 1900-01. There he admired Danish artists like Skovgaard, Hammershøi and Willumsen and it was in Copenhagen he made the decision to become an independent artist. The exhibition shows on one hand the works of art that originated from the Danish localities Nolde visited like Copenhagen, Lild Strand and Als. On the other hand, it shows how the artist interpreted the motifs which he associated with the Nordic: The incredible, the fantastic and the grotesque.


The exhibition presents about 50 paintings and more than a hundred works on paper (watercolours, drawings and graphic works) from all his life’s work. The majority of Nolde’s works belongs to the Nolde Stiftung SeebĂĽll, who has lent the main part of the works on show. The exhibition is arranged in close cooperation with Nolde Stiftung SeebĂĽll and Kunsten in Aalborg, where it has been shown from September 2009 to January 2010.


A richly illustrated catalogue is published in Danish and German, and can be purchased for 198 kr.


The exhibition is supported by:

Augustinus Fonden

Nykredit Fond

Frimodt-Heineke Fonden

The German Embassy in Denmark


21 January 2010 - 09 May 2010

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