Art Playground 2016


Weather the Weather

With his impressive sculpture Olafur Eliasson enters into a dialogue with the weather. Every time the wind changes direction, the bright bronze ring emits a light fog that rolls through the park and immerses everyone and everything nearby.

The art of exhibiting the wind

Vær i vejret focuses on the aspects of our environment to which we usually do not pay attention. Olafur Eliasson will show the wind that blows across the meadow, and the storm that shakes the giant trees in the park. The fog from the ring will thus render visible the weather conditions and the atmosphere in Ordrupgaard’s old garden. Olafur Eliasson says: “Works of art that are displayed outdoors are inevitably exposed to the elements, so whether we like it or not, the weather will always be a part of the work. The idea behind Vær i vejret is to highlight this invisible element – to draw people’s attention to the air, the weather, the seasons and the atmosphere in the park.”

Shared sensory experiences

Vær i vejret has a playful character, encouraging experiences and interaction. If you choose to step fully into the work, you will lose your bearings for a moment and will have to grope your way. Children and adults can walk through the ring, hide and disappear in the fog, or step back and consider it from a distance. According to Olafur Eliasson, art arises in the interaction between the work and the viewer: Vær i vejret allows you to become enveloped in fog, together with whoever happens to be nearby. Shared sensory experiences like this not only give rise to a dialogue about art itself, but also encourage talk about the different ways that adults and children experience the work, the surroundings and nature.

Nature, weather and climate change

For many years now, Olafur Eliasson’s great interest in nature and the weather has formed the focal point of his art. Many people remember The weather project (2003), in which Eliasson filled the enormous turbine hall of Tate Modern with mist, under a giant sun of warm yellow light and reflective foil – or The New York City Waterfalls (2008), in which he created four artificial waterfalls in the East River of Manhattan. Social and climatic conditions have long been a central concern for the artist; in 2012, he founded the social enterprise Little Sun, which manufactures solar lamps and solar-powered mobile phone chargers, and in connection with Ice Watch (2014), he placed twelve large blocks of ice from the Greenland ice sheet in Copenhagen’s City Hall Square to raise awareness of climate change.

Olafur Eliasson, Vær i vejret, 2016. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Weather the Weather(Vær i vejret) will be turned off between 1st of November and 1st of April due to the danger of damage to water pipes in case of night frost. 

In this video Olafur Eliasson talks about ‘Vær i vejret’, 2016

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