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To request a high-quality colour photograph, please fill in the form below. All works from the collections of Ordrupgaard can be found on Art Index, Denmark,

Please note that special regulations may apply for certain works. For more information on copyright or permission to obtain reproduction rights, please contact Copydan Art.


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    Terms and conditions

    1. Ordrupgaard should receive a copy of the publication free of charge.
    2. The use of an image must be credited in the publication with the name of the artist, title of the work, date of creation, materials and measurements as well as the credit line “Ordrupgaard, Copenhagen” followed by the name of the photographer.
    3. Photographic material may not be cropped, overprinted or enlarged without written permission from the copyright holder. Any reproduction must be truthful to the original.
    4. Ordrupgaard reserves to right to demand a proof print of the reproduction before the publication. Ordrupgaard can withdraw any reproduction rights if the quality is below the agreed standard.
    5. All rights are non-exclusive, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing by Ordrupgaard. The permission does not include copyrights of the artist (or prospective heirs to the artist). For more information, Ordrupgaard refers to VISDA, Denmark.
    6. No rights or images granted to the Client in this agreement may be assigned to a third party without written consent from Ordrupgaard.
    7. Electronic storage of the reproduction is only permitted during the period of time where electronic handling linked to the production is necessary. All digital reproductions of Ordrupgaard’s works must be deleted immediately after use.
    8. Electronic publications must show the reproduction in a maximum size of 320x240 pixels and in a picture resolution of 72 dpi or less. The permission for online publications runs for 2 years after which a new permission must be granted by Ordrupgaard.
    9. Permission to reproduce a detail of an artwork must be specifically agreed. If such permission is given the image must be credited as mentioned in clause 2.
    10. Permission to reproduce an image is only granted after a fee has been agreed, invoiced and fully paid. Ordrupgaard reserves the right to refuse permission for reproduction if an invoice relating to the reproduction remains unpaid.
    11. All invoices must be settled in full within 30 days.

    I have read and accept the terms and condition for the reproduction

    When we have received the dispatch note, your request will be forwarded to our photographer who will send you a prepayment invoice together with the digital file.