The french collection goes to Paris

This autumn Ordrupgaards magnificent collection of French impressionism can be experienced in Paris. In an extraordinary collaboration between the Danish Ordrupgaard and the French museum Jaquemart-André no less than 44 works of art journeys to Paris to become the exhibition The Hansen’s Secret garden    

In December 2017 Ordrupgaard closes down for a two year period during the construction of the underground gallery Himmelhaven. This however does not mean that the many fantastic impressionist paintings will be hidden away in storage. Instead 44 paintings have travelled to Paris and are currently being exhibited at the wonderful Musée Jaquemart-André.  The exhibition The Hansen’s Secret garden displays some of Ordrupgaards most iconic works of art in new surroundings and includes artists such as Cézanne, Matisse, Monet, Renoir and Morisot.

Returning to France after 100 years

There have already been extensive French interest in Ordrupgaard’s art collection and the exhibition has been mentioned a lot in French media. Especially because most of the paintings are quite unknown in France but have now returned to their place of birth. The Ordrupgaard collection is the passion project of Wilhelm and Henny Hansen and most of the paintings were bought between1916-18. Hence the vast majority of the collection has not been back in France for almost 100 years. Wilhelm Hansen discovered the groundbreaking impressionism on his many business trips to Paris and he was a dedicated art collector all his life. His large mansion Ordrupgaard stood finished in 1918 and was designed to contain both his private home and a gallery to showcase the many French art works.

Museum and private home

The collaboration between Ordrupgaard and Jaquemart-André is especially exciting because of the many similarities between the two art institutions. Just like Ordrupgaard, Jaquemart-André is originally designed as a private home to a wealthy couple to contain and display their vast art collection. In 1876 banker Edouard André had an impressive mansion build on Boulevard Hausmann in central Paris. André and his wife Nélie Jacquemart were passionate collectors of French and Italian art. They were childless and after they passed away their home became a museum and all the art works were donated to the state of France in 1913. As with Ordrupgaard, Musée Jaquemart-André provides the experience of exquisite art in a historic home. It is in these surroundings Ordrupgaards collection will be exhibited from September 2017 to January 2018.

Experience the exhibition The Hansen’s Secret garden at the Musée Jaquemart-André from September the 15th to January the 22 th