Art Park 2014

In 2014 Art Park Ordrupgaard opened with two artworks by the high profile contemporary artists Carsten Höller and Ryan Gander. The parks visitors can now experience a giant mushroom of three meter that rises among the park trees and a large glittering silver sphere that rests on the lawn.

Art Park Ordrupgaard features works of art by high profile contemporary artists. I opens very summer with contributes from one or more exciting artist(s) who displays their art in the park surrounding Ordrupgaard Museum. Art Park Ordrupgaard opened for the first time in 2013 with an installation by Jeppe Hein which is now a permanent part of the museum collection.


Facts: Giant Triple Mushroom

Giant Triple Mushroom, 2014, is created in situ for Art Park Ordrupgaard 2014 and has never been exhibited before elsewhere. It is hand-painted and mostly made out of polyester. The mushroom consists of three species merged in one: the fly amanita, liberty cap and Swedish matsutake.

Facts: Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller is born in 1961 in Belgium, has a German citizenship and a degree in biology and has been a practitioner of art since the 80s. Carsten Höller has been showcased on some of the most renowned museums, among others New Museum, NY, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, Tate Modern, London, Centre Pompidou, Paris and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. He currently lives and works in Stockholm and Ghana.

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Ryan Gander

More really shiny things that don’t mean anything, 2014

Watch the video about really shiny things that don’t mean anything

This work of art is no longer part af Art Park Ordrupgaard

Carsten Höller

Giant Triple Mushroom, 2014

Watch the video about Giant Triple Mushroom

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