Klub Ordrupgaard during the construction process


It will be the beginning of something big, when the foundation for a new underground annex drawn by the famous Norwegian architects Snöhetta will be layed. Himmlehaven is intended to safeguard the museums invaluable French collection for future generations. 

At Ordrupgaard we are already very excited for the completion of Himmelhaven in 2019. In the construction period of approximately two years, Ordrupgaard and Finn Juhl’s House will be closed, but the Art Park will remain open with exciting activities for the museum’s guests. In order to accommodate our many loyal guests we will extend memberships until the end of the building period – free of charge.

If you have recently renewed your card or become a member AFTER the September 1. 2016 your membership will be extended by all of the months that will be missed due to construction. For example if you became a member on 1.March 2017 your membership will be extended by the seven months you’ll be missing plus the entire building period. Membership cards that were purchased AFTER the 1st of May 2017 cannot be refunded but will instead be extended by the entire missed time period.

In this way you are not losing anything as a member, but will in turn be able to lean back and look forward to the opening of a new and even more exciting Ordrupgaard! As soon as Himmelhaven is complete we will send out invitations to a grand opening – for members of Club Ordrupgaard ONLY.

Follow along at ordrupgaard.dk or find us on Facebook if you want to be updated on the progress of the new building and upcoming projects. We will also be creating an info-space on Ordrupgaard’s website, which will be updated on a regular basis through the entire construction period, where you will be able to find answers to any questions regarding the building process.

Should you not wish to keep your membership you have the right to have your membership fee refunded based on the chart below. If you choose to have the membership refunded please be advised that it is free to do so in Ordrupgaards foyer.

Alternatively it will cost 125 kr. in administration fees to do so over e-mail. Please write an e-mail to ordrupgaard@ordrupgaard.dk and provide the follwoing information: Name, Cpr. nr. og Account number attached to your Nemkonto.

Membership refunds

Membership                      1 (DKK 350)         1+1 (DKK 550)

Cards issued                          Refund               Refund

1 Sept – 30 Sept. 2016          DKK 29              DKK 46

1 Oct – 31 Oct. 2016                 58                      92

1 Nov. – 30. Nov 2016              87                       138

1 Dec. – 31 Dec 2016               116                       184

1 Jan. – 31 Jan. 2017                145                      230

1 Feb. – 28 Feb. 2017                174                      276

1 March – 31 March 2017       203                     322

1 April – 30 April 2017            232                     368