Humboldt’s fantastic jungle workshop

1717 Ordrupgaard b+©rn 133

Welcome to Humboldt’s Fantastic Jungle Workshop!

Let the children embark on a fantastic and imaginative expedition deep into the Venezuelan jungle with Ordrupgaard’s current exhibition Pissarro. A Meeting on St. Thomas.

Humboldt’s Fantastic Jungle Workshop is an exciting universe for children inspired by the scientist and explorer Alexander Von Humboldt’s journeys through Venezuela and South America. The jungle workshop is designed as an interactive room that encourages the kind of physical exploration of the surroundings that also inspired Camille Pissarro and Fritz Melbye.

In the jungle workshop you can climb a giant leef and explore the room which is bound to make even the tallest feel small. Hidden in the corner – away from adults – children can compose the wildest and most fantastic shadow plays with all the creatures of the jungle.  Down in the undergrowth you can create different leaves in colored paper and paint exotic frogs. Everything, while listening to the fascinating and mysterious sounds of the jungle.

Humboldt’s Fantastic Jungle Workshop is designed and created by artist and scenographer Nikolaj Danielsen. Danielsen is known for his work with the Danish television Christmas show Den anden verden (The Other World) where he recreated his interpretation of well-known Brothers Grimm fairytales like Snow white, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel.