Golden Age and green forests. 100 years of Ordrupgaard

This December Ordrupgaard begins construction on a new underground gallery Himmelhaven. This comprehensive building process unfortunately means that the museum is closing for two years. Luckily Ordrupgaard’s fine collection of Danish art won’t be put in storage, but instead become the travelling exhibition Golden Age and Green Forests. 100 Years of Ordrupgaard. See among others L.A. Ring, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Fritz Syberg and Johannes Larsen at several prominent Danish museums including Ribe Art Museum, Holstebro Art Museum and Skovgaard Museum.    

This September Ordrupgaard will close for two years. But though a temporarily silence will fall upon Wilhelm and Henny Hansen’s beautiful old rooms, you will still be able to experience their fine collection of Danish art – just not in the usual surroundings. In 2018 Ordrupgaard’s Danish collection goes on a tour of Denmark where it will be accessible to even more people. The exhibition also marks Ordrupgaard’s 100th  anniversary.

Ordrupgaard’s birthsday

It’s been almost a hundred years since the wealthy insurance man Wilhelm Hansen had a very particular dream. He wanted to share his impressive art collection with the public and together with his wife Henny he inaugurated Ordrupgaard in 1918. A century later you can still visit the museum among the trees in Charlottenlund, but now an art park, a new contemporary gallery and a new works of art have joined. Hansen’s dream is still very much alive and it is the reason the Ordrupgaard next year can celebrate its 100th anniversary. The exhibition Golden Age and Green Forests. 100 years of Ordrupgaard highlights some of the paintings that help Wilhelm Hansen establish as an art collector – all works of art which are part of  Ordrupgaards permanent collection and therefor rarely leaves the museum.

A sort off backwards birthday

Golden age and Green forests. 100 years of Ordrupgaard is a sort of backwards birthday party where Ordrupgaard travels out to meet the guest and not the other way around. It will provide many more with the opportunity to experience Danish art from the 19th and the 20th century.

“Naturally we are very sorry that the museum will have to close. We are, however, also thrilled to send our Danish art collection on a tour of Denmark. It is our hope that many more Danes will be able to enjoy the collection – those who know Ordrupgaard, as well as those who do not. The tour is a unique opportunity to share one of Denmark’s finest art collections with the whole country and we look forward to seeing the paintings in new surroundings and to cooperate with the museums.”

-Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark, Director of Ordrupgaard.

Something for everyone

This exhibition caters to a broad demographic as Ordrupgaard’s collection includes works of art by C.W. Eckersberg, L.A. Ring, Johannes Larsen, Fritz Syberg, Theodor Philipsen, Joakim Skovgaard, Viggo Johansen and many more. Golden Age and Green Forests. 100 years of Ordrupgaard tells the story of how one of Denmark’s finest art collections came to be, and provides an interesting insight to the contemporary art that Wilhelm Hansen loved and admired.

Golden Age and Green Forests. 100 years of Ordrupgaard can be experienced at a number of Danish museums from early 2018. A complete list of these museums will soon be made available.