Danish masterpieces from Ordrupgaard visits Hamburger Kunsthalle

Ordrupgaard’s Danish collection can now be experienced at Hamburger Kunsthalle in Germany – in connection with Ordrupgaard’s temporary closure, a total of 48 Danish masterpieces are being exhibited.

 During the period of closure of Ordrupgaard, 48 works from the museum’s unique Danish collection are visiting Hamburg. The exhibition, In the Light of the North. Danish Painting from the Ordrupgaard Collection, presents some of the finest Danish painters of the 19th century, such as C.W. Eckersberg, Johan Th. Lundbye, Johannes Larsen, Theodor Philipsen, L.A. Ring and Vilhelm Hammershøi.


A birthday celebration

The Hamburger Kunsthalle turns 150 in 2019 and the exhibition presenting some of Ordrupgaard’s Danish masterpieces will be used to celebrate this great event. A compliment to the collection of Ordrupgaard – its quality and reputation, but also an opportunity to exhibit the works in an international context. A much better scenario than putting the works in storage.


Germany effort 2018-2020

The exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle is Ordrupgaard’s contribution to the Ministry of Culture’s cultural initiative between Denmark and Germany. From 2018-2020, cultural exchanges with Germany are increased and reinforced in an attempt to develop and promote the two countries’ historical community. An initiative that ends with the Danish-German Year of Cultural Friendship 2020.


The exhibition In the Light of the North. Danish Painting from the Ordrupgaard Collection is on view at the Hamburger Kunsthalle in Hamburg from 10 May until 22 September 2019.


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